Welcome- Our Mission


“Caring for our Community”  

ABOUT US.  We are an independent, all-volunteer, community advocacy group.  We are committed to “keeping” the beauty, integrity and character of the Comox Valley and to ensuring that ongoing development is beneficial to the environment and to its human and other than human residents. We aspire to become a fully engaged Neighbourhood Watch for the Comox Valley

OUR MISSION. The most serious threat facing our valley, our country and the world at large is runaway Climate Change. Our role is twofold: raising public awareness about the seriousness of this issue; and helping folks to take action to deal with it.  

COMOX VALLEY COOPERATION .  There are many different organizations and groups in this valley working to protect the valley, its environment and the life of its citizens. But we share a common ground.  All of our groups are affected in some way or another by climate change.  We will work with these groups and other groups around the province to share information and resource and we will participate in activities that benefit all of us

MULTI-ISSUE and PROJECT PRIORITIES. Climate Changes changes everyting so we deal with a broad  range of issues. But we can’t deal with everything. We select priorities according to our assessment of their importance in our community and our capacity (skills, volunteers and money) to respond.  For the most part we deal with issues related to carbon pollution, environment, business and job development, food security and community building.

NON PARTISAN. We do not represent any political party or politician.  We work with governments when it makes sense to do so but we will hold our representatives accountable. We are building a citizen power base in the Comox Valley to reclaim and maintain our rights as citizens and protect the rights of this valley.   

FUNDING.  We do not accept funds from government, large corporations, or political parties. Most of our funds come in small amounts from members of the community.  Because a tax exempt status would limit our ability to advocate, we do not have a tax exempt status.

We invite you to join us to work for the betterment of our Comox Valley Community.   For Further information please contact Mike Bell 250-890-3671 or contact us through our Facebook site  (link).    

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