About the Network

About the Network

Why a Network? 

Climate change is changing, or will affect, all aspects of life in our community.  Adapting to climate change will become the new normal.  The only way we can make our community climate-change-ready is to work together.  And we think the best way to work together is to invite individuals and groups (agencies, non-profit groups, institutions, faith groups, companies) to join a network.

The Purpose of the Network.

It will have a dual purpose. First it will keep members of the network informed about one another’s climate change activities and encourage their participation.  Second it will provide a source of emotional and psychological support.  Climate change work can be difficult and disheartening. A sense of accomplishment is often hard to come by.  The network will encourage and support members by helping to nourish there inner landscape—their consciousness, spirituality, and their sense of meaning and purpose.

Our role

We are not an environmental group.  We are a climate change group.  Our role  is to build upon what science and environmental groups have given us to show how the environmental damage is  affecting or will affect all aspects of life in our community.  And,  it will  show what other communities like ours are dealing with it and are provide transitional alternatives. In a word we will use stories to help individuals and groups connect the climate change dots.

Our structure.

We have a core group that does research, communicates information through a website and social media, keeps an email contact list,  works with network members on projects and maintains the network.  We have a group of associates—members of the network or the public that will, from time to time,  write articles, do research,  give a talk,  help with projects  and so forth

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