Earth Law Con’t


A talk by

Mike Bell

January 8, 2015

This talk deal with three essential elements for protecting the environment: Human Law, Earth Law and Restorative justice.

It begins with a discussion of the inadequacies of human law to protect the environment. It is concerned only with humans and their properties.  In essence it does not protect the environment or its ecosystems.  It deals with the limits to the amount of damage that humans are allowed to do to the environment.

Next the talk it deal with the primordia law—Earth Law. It has existed since time immemorial. Human laws should flow from and support Earth Law. Unfortunately they either ignore Earth Law completely or  violate its fundamental principles.

Finally the talk discusses Restorative Justice.  This is a type of justice, inherent in many traditional cultures, that sees violation not as breaking a written code of conduct but, rather a breaking of relationships with the community. It is designed to restore these relationships.

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